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_____New Music_____

How well can you see when times are dark?


When your family starts hating on you? When your career stops serving you? When your relationships keep draining you?

The answers may not always be clear. But in that darkness is an opportunity to search within. I found a spark. Now the dark times give my light a platform to shine.


Download my new Night Vision EP here on my website, or search for "October Sixteen" on all major streaming platforms. 

With vision for the future,


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October Sixteen is a hip-hop artist from the Inland Empire (IE) in Southern California. His music stands out with introspective lyrics rapped vibrantly over soul stirring beats. In his teens, he would write raps that explored his journey from drug addiction to faith in God. He developed the skill of songwriting until it bloomed into a passion; producing mixtapes, EP’s, and full length albums, both as part of a group named deliberately DEFIANT and as a solo artist under his government  name Clint Lewis. The name change to October Sixteen, his date of birth, came to fruition after the realization that he was "born to rap!" Grappling with repressed childhood trauma, overcoming drug addiction, and living in his car for over a year are just a few of the challenges October Sixteen has faced. Influenced by Nas, the old Kanye, and Jay-Z, October Sixteen turned those obstacles into opportunities, and has now mastered the art of making intellectually soulful music accessible to both urban and pop culture audiences.  His 2020 releases, 2020 EP, Little Virtues EP, and Night Shift EP, Meditations EP, and Night Vision EP are available on all major streaming platforms. Hit the contact link for information.

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